Mohave County Sheriff's
K-9 Foundation


The Mohave County Sheriff's K-9 Foundation is organized exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.  The MCS K-9 Foundation's mission is to provide financial support for the Sheriff's Canine Unit and its' volunteers.  The foundation promotes positive policy and community relations between the Canine Unit and area businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Mohave County Sheriff's Office K-9 Unit

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Sheriff Schuster


Make a difference in your community by teaming with the Mohave County Sheriff's K-9 Foundation in its efforts to maintain the K-9 unit in order to solve crimes more effectively and discourage criminal activity.

introducing Our Newest K-9 Team

Shawn McCleary & "Grimm"

Shawn and Grimm have completed  their training and certification, and are actively patrolling the Lake Havasu City region of Mohave County.

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Remove Drugs From The Streets

Traffic stops, search warrants, parking lots, school searches.  K-9s have 220 million olfactory sensory cells compared to 40 million for a human being.  K-9s can alert officers to the presence of drugs in schools and vehicles.

Increase Officer Safety

A K-9 can be deployed in potentially life threatening situations making it safer for officers.  K-9 teams are powerful and highly visible deterrents for burglaries, robberies and drug deals.

Track and Locate

Tracking juvenile runaways, lost or missing children, elderly, fleeing suspects.

Save Time

A K-9 can clear a building in less than 1/4 of the time that it would take an officer.

Promote Public Relations

K-9 teams provide appearances and demonstrations at community functions strengthening the relations between the officers and the community.

Partner with the k-9 Foundation


Help with the Annual Maintenance Costs

$20,000 annually for food, supplements, veterinary fees, equipment replacement, severe injury insurance for five canines.

Aide in the Purchase of K-9 Equipment

$12,000 for protective vests, patrol harnesses, paw protectors.

Assist With New Canine Costs

$37,000  to purchase a new canine plus initial training and certification.

Partner With Us

The addition of a valuable K-9 Unit to the Mohave County Sheriff's Department will not be possible or successful without private funding from our citizens and business leaders!